Once around the lake

We took a guided tour around our lake with Charter Club Tours, starting from Ajijic and going clockwise. I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Map of Lake Chapala, Jalisco

Chapala’s historic train station, which means no mas trains
Mezcala island, site of battle in 1812
One lane road into San Pedro Itzican…
High above the town






Many Mexican towns have an ancient name (Itzican) with a Christian name attached (San Pedro).

We don’t need no stinkin’ guardrail!
The eagle/snake/cactus melange, symbol of Mexico, and
Stained glass ceiling in Ocotlan city building








Painting of the earthquake of 1846, and
the miraculous sighting of the Christ crucified on the next day, which


led Ocotlan to build a new church. Note the the hedge spelling PRODIGO or miracle
Jamay likes Pope Pius IX, so they put this monument to him in their square

Most Mexican towns have a square that remains the center of town life. The squares were clean and full of people going about their business.

Why did the goats cross the road?
To get to the birrieria, of course (don’t ask)






Lunch with our guide/driver, Hernan, and Chris and Fran, tour friends. Judy had birria for lunch
Murals of the tianguis in La Morena house,
in La Barca. The bladders are full of Pulque, a fermented drink similar to Mezcal or Tequila






Lakefront in Petatan: thousands of Pelicans overwinter here, but now those snowbirds have flown
View of home, from across the lake. Our place is just below the small hill with a barren spot, lower right quadrant. Note how close the mountains are to the lake.
Jocotepec lakefront, and
view of the town

That’s all folks; hope you enjoyed!

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