Nuestra Casa

I continue to experiment with this medium. I trust the photos I include are getting better, or at least they are all now “right side up!” Now I am tackling video. I apologize up front for the resolution: while I could take the video in HD, getting it uploaded to the cloud and then onto this site was impossible. I filmed it in HD and then retrofit it to a lower resolution to make it fit, but I think it is still pretty viewable.

For those considering visiting, consider this a preview.  For those who aren’t, see what you’re missing!


8 thoughts on “Nuestra Casa”

  1. You had me at Terraza. I am totally in the “planning to visit” category. Unfortunately, probably not before you head off for your Camino. If you want to FaceTime with Char, Mary and me at any point with any questions, we would be happy to share our lessons learned. Your house is amazing, I am jealous!

    1. Deal! We’ll be stateside for a visit around Labor day, so maybe we can get together for lunch?

  2. If there is an expat HGTV series, you and Judy are there! I was intrigued by the two brick cupolas. Do they have a effect on the home temp?

    1. Yes, they provide extra light and remove heat. Unfortunately, they also create additional roof seams, which has lead to some leaks, a subject for a future post!

  3. I am totally fascinated and am living vicariously thru your blog. I hope we can get ourselves down there sometime to visit.

  4. Very smart idea, putting Murphy beds in the guestrooms. That way, the space can be used for other purposes when the beds aren’t needed. Your home is lovely!

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