Feliz Navidad

Here on Christmas day, just a quick post to send you a simple thought on this holy day.

Perhaps you’re having a spectacular Christmas, full of good cheer and Good News: seeing old friends, gathering with family, enjoying quiet time and parties and thoughtful presents and weather which completes the Christmas tableau for you. I certainly hope this is the case. If so, know that all this is the result of the love of an all-knowing and almighty Creator who only wills all the best for you, and wishes simply to share in your joy.

Maybe this year has been hard for you: rancorous politics, a difficult job or boss, time spent away from family and friends or just alone, even the serious illness or death of a loved one. I pray this was not the case, but all of us have had–or will have–such an experience. If such was the case for you, know that even in your darkest times, you live in the palm of a God-Who-Is-Love, who is all-compassionate in that He suffers alongside you.

Most of us had a year somewhere in between. In that case, know that whether we believe in Him or not, The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. If we run to meet Him, He welcomes us even with all our frailties and imperfections. If we stand and wait, skeptical or suspicious of Him, He coaxes us constantly with signs and wonders. If we run from Him, he pursues us with haste, as a father pursues a child headed for a busy intersection.

Such a God is hard to fathom, but then, what else explains a King of Kings born in a manger?

Merry Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Feliz Navidad”

  1. Pat, so happy to keep up with to and Judy Merry Christmas to you both and you family. You are truly missed for you wisdom and guidance while not always taken was always always appreciated.

  2. Pat: you post makes me smile. At Xmas dinner, our grandkids split reading a short poem about the Miraculous Birth, based on Luke’s account. We barely got a seat at the 3:45 mass even though nearly an hour early…and we live just across the street. As you noted, Jesus was the Word made flesh, and he indeed did live among us. He continues to do so until this day.

  3. Love your posts, Pat! Best wishes for a glorious Christmastide to you and Judy. One of my favorite Charles Wesley hymns is “Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending,” which I always grew up singing the Sunday after Easter, but as an Anglican now, is sung as an Advent hymn, looking at the first Advent and ahead to the Second. In any case, we know the end of the story, which ends gloriously, no matter what the new year brings.

  4. A year of mostly good but consider all things a blessing (in disguise at times). So grateful for faith and hope that make life beautiful! Hope 2018 finds you and Judy feeling even more at home in your new life! Marilyn & Raleigh

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